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A stalker dolled up like a chain-hotel hooker


Ralph Peters, Fox News' resident foreign policy analyst, has become something of a star since the attack on a U.S. embassy in Libya. He's harsh on the Obama administration; harsh on Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.); and now harsh on Paula Broadwell, the woman who Gen. David Petraeus had an extramarital affair with.

In the New York Post today Peters writes about the news media's coverage of the Petraeus sex scandal (emphasis mine):

On Friday, Gen. Petraeus’ testimony exploded the White House lie about what it knew and when. The media’s focus? Petraeus’s camera-shy entrance to the building.

Meanwhile, “prestigious” media groupies who’ve tied their reputations to the general are campaigning to rehabilitate him by insisting that our “overreaction” just shows what rubes we are. But their “tolerance” only reveals how utterly they fail to understand military and intelligence-world culture: The outrage among veterans and our troops isn’t because Petraeus fell for a stalker dolled up like a chain-hotel hooker, but because of his lack of integrity and his hypocrisy.

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