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His only qualification to oversee the navy is that he's a windsurfer


Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters today delivered a mind-blowing, almost sonnet-like criticism of Sen. John Kerry (R-Mass.), who is reportedly being considered for Secretary of Defense under President Obama. The Washington Post reported today, however, that Kerry is hoping to be selected as Secretary of State.

"He'd do a lot less damage [as Secretary of State] because it's a hot-air position," Peters said. As for Kerry potentially filling in as Secretary of Defense, Peters went nuclear:

"His only qualification to oversee the Navy is that he's a windsurfer. Maybe he took some day hikes, that qualifies him to oversee the Army.  He's a high flyer, thanks to his marriage, so that's the Air Force i guess. No qualifications on the Marine Corps. But very, very seriously Her's a guy that's never been interested in our military, except to trash it."

Some background: Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz, heiress to the Heinz Company, and in 1971 he famously delivered a critical speech in protest of the Vietnam War.

Peters has gained prominence at Fox since the attacks on a U.S. embassy in Benghazi.


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