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Yes, Scotland Has a Guy That Dresses Up Like a Giraffe and Does Good Deeds -- Meet Him


Got the idea while sitting on the toilet.

Headed into the holiday season this week, you're bound to start hearing about people doing good deeds for those in need. Some of these are quiet, anonymous acts and some are more flashy. Others are just plain odd.

Take a Scottish man named Armstrong Baillie who isn't just committing random acts of kindness this week and through the holidays but has been doing so for the past six months ... in a giraffe suit. In fact, he is calling this his "year of the giraffe tour."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The Courier in Scotland reported that the 32-year-old unemployed man from Dundee got the idea while "on the loo."

"[...] I wondered 'what would happen if I dressed up as a giraffe and went around doing good deeds?'" The Courier reported Baillie saying.

Going by the moniker Good Giraffe, Baillie has handed out water and bananas at a local marathon, cleaned beaches, passed out free coffee and more recently, according to the Courier, watched a black Labrador retriever for the day. They were a happy pair.

(Image: The Courier)

Here are some answers questions you might have about the Good Giraffe:

  • Where did the costume come from? His mother made it.
  • How does he get around/fund some of his endeavors? He hitchhikes and receives donations through what The Courier calls "busking," which is defined as street performing.
  • What is his favorite good deed to date? Cleaning up the beaches at Oban and Stonehaven.

Watch the Good Giraffe share some more about himself in this YouTube video while he was on a local beach:

Baillie said although he spends some of his time in costume doing good works, he is still looking for a full time job and writing an adventure novel.

''I am looking for work but I would like to think the Good Giraffe would be part of that one day. Even if it's not, I would still want to do this at least once a week," Baillie said according to to The Courier.

Read more about the Good Giraffe here. Keep up with the Good Giraffe's thoughts and doings on Baillie's blog here.

(H/T: NPR)

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