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Huh? Jill Kelley's Twin Sister Hires Gloria Allred


Natalie Khawam, the sister of socialite Jill Kelley (one of the two women at the center of the scandal surrounding CIA Director David Petraeus), has retained the services of famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

Why? So far, the reasons are entirely unclear. No litigation is pending. In fact, Khawam herself has relatively little stake in the Petraeus case, other than being the twin sister of one of the participants. Allred herself has given little explanation, saying she will hold a press conference today on the subject of correcting misconceptions about Khawam. Why such misconceptions would form when Khawam is herself a minor player is not explained.

However, as TBO reports, there is a deeper kinship between Khawam and Allred - namely, a tendency toward litigiousness and acting the victim:

Allen and Petraeus took the unusual step of writing letters on Khawam's behalf during a custody battle with her ex-husband that she lost.

Khawam, who lives with the Kelleys at their Bayshore Boulevard mansion, made repeated calls to the Tampa Police Department claiming her husband beat her, forced her to watch child pornography and hired people to keep tabs on her, documents show.

The judge in the case said Khawam's allegations were unfounded. Doctors evaluating Khawam in the case found that she "is an illogical thinker."

Allred, known for taking high-profile women's rights cases, was recently quoted by the Daily Caller website as saying the women in the Petraeus case are victims of media coverage "which appears to be very unfair to all of them."

"I hope that one day, all of the women will be able to speak and give a fuller and more positive statement about who they really are and what their role was in this matter," Allred was quoted as saying.

 So how does this all add up to the need for a lawyer? Presumably we will find out today. However, given Allred's involvement, it is quite possible that this story is about to get a lot more turgid.
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