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What Tech Sin Did Oprah (Or Her Intern) Get Caught Committing?


"Now, that's a wowser!"

Among the 60 or so things on Oprah's Favorite Things list this year is Microsoft's first tablet -- Surface. The television star who owns her own cable channel OWN has been promoting the tablet on Twitter as well as her website, but it turns out that she might be more of an iPad fan.

Those following Oprah on Twitter via their iPhones or iPads, which uses the Tweetbot Apple app, might have noticed that Oprah's tweets about surface were made via an iPad. Here's an example of the evidence via Zagg:

This is how the tweet would appear on an Apple device accessing Twitter via an app. On the official Twitter website, it isn't apparent the tweet was posted via an iPad. (Image: Zagg)

On her Favorite Things post about the device, Oprah described it as feeling like a Mercedes-Benz.

"The full-size keyboard built right into the cover makes work easy, the very smart kickstand makes watching a movie or Skyping a friend a delight, the less than a pound-and-a-half weight makes a great alternative to a laptop, and the many other features make it fun for work and play," she continued. "Now, that's a wowser!"

She's also advised iPad owning fans about some of the benefits of Surface (see the tweets below).

(Image: Twitter)

To be fair, Romain Dillet for TechCrunch pointed out that Oprah never claimed to be a Surface only user. Dillet also called attention to the fact that Twitter doesn't have an app available for Microsoft Windows devices yet. So Oprah wouldn't have had an app on Surface to update Twitter with. She could however have used the device to tweet directly from the website. Not doing this, Dillet wrote, "makes her look like a sell-out."

It also could have been a staff member who was posting the tweets for Oprah who didn't think posting through an Apple app would have made a difference.

Oprah isn't the first to be caught in such a blunder. Earlier this year, model Kate Upton was spotted at a Samsung event for its Galaxy Note 10.1 with -- gasp -- an iPhone in plain view.

(H/T: Gizmodo, The Next Web)

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