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Officer That Ticketed Mother of Toddler Who Peed in the Front Yard Now Fired

Ashley and Dillan Warden (Photo: Paul Hellstern/The Oklahoman)

Ashley and Dillan Warden (Photo: Paul Hellstern/The Oklahoman)

Earlier this month, an Oklahoma mother was slapped with a ticket after her 3-year-old potty training son dropped his drawers and urinated in their front yard. Now the officer issuing that ticket has been fired.

According to NewsOK, officer Ken Qualls was fired Friday after a hearing earlier in the week and the case has been dropped. Mother Ashley Warden protested against the ticket but she wasn't the only one complaining. NewsOK reported Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby saying that city council members got emails about the controversial public urination ticket from people in Canada, England and Australia.

“Of course we did receive a lot of notoriety over that,” Crosby acknowledged.

The officer with 18 years of law enforcement experience plans to appeal his being fired.

According to Crosby, Qualls has also said that he didn't see Dillan Warden pee in the front yard, but saw a teen ushering the boy to the front yard location to do his business.

Watch the report:

Those on the website In the Line of Duty have begun discussing if Qualls should have been fired over the incident. Here are two opposing thoughts on the situation:

  • Ofc52sierra: Would I fire him over this? Actually, YES. He showed a complete lack of common sense. Anyone who would write a ticket because a LITTLE boy peed outside shows absolutely no sense of right and wrong. I'd forever worry about what OTHER mistake he might make.
  • Flxn1: If that's the only thing they had on the officer, no he should not have been fired.

Read more about the initial issuing of the ticket, which could have cost the family up to $2,500, in TheBlaze's original post here.

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