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The Glenn Beck Christmas Special Preview You'll Want to See


With Christmas just around the corner, Glenn Beck is planning a special Christmas program. But rather than having his staff put it together, the host has taken a different route. Beck has asked his son, Raphe, and his friend, Bowan -- two eight-year-olds -- to assemble and direct the holiday show.

"So, you're going to need to build a set and you would have to find sheep and a camel," Beck tells the boys in a preview clip.

Raphe and Bowan seem completely unfazed by the prospect of putting together the manger and securing the animals. Their biggest concern? How they will rent a car to pick up what's needed for the show.

Photo Credit: TheBlaze TV

"Wait, how are we going to rent a car -- and we don't even have our driver's licenses," Raphe proclaims.

"We're both 16 put together. Let's just act like we're 16," Bowan responds, referring to the fact that, if you add their ages together, they qualify to legally drive.

"You step on the pedal and I'll drive," Beck's son responds after hearing Bowan's rationale.

After the television host laughs at their dialogue, he then asks the boys what they need to get the job done. Their list: snacks, a director's chair, a director's hat and a megaphone.

Watch the must-see Christmas preview, below:

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