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AP: Rev. Jackson difficult to understand but reporters also aren't listening


An Associated Press reporter interviewed Rev. Jesse Jackson recently and noted in her story that he was difficult to understand. But also says in the story that journalists don't really listen to him anymore:

In the cluttered office where he’s met with some of the nation’s top politicians and preachers, penned rousing speeches and planned civil rights marches, the Rev. Jesse Jacksonspeaks so softly — and with so little enunciation — that one strains at times to hear him. ...

These days, Mr. Jackson is more likely to seek out media attention rather than waiting for journalists to come to him. If his voice in national affairs is muted, it’s also because reporters don’t listen as closely as they used to. ...

Mr. Jackson acknowledges the changes in his tactics, press coverage and the wider world.

“The whole landscape has changed,” he said. “The rules are different today.”

The irony appears to unnoticed.

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