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Outspoken Provocateur Penn Jillette to Glenn Beck: Every Problem We Have Should Be Solved With More Freedom, Not Less


On his Thursday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck hosted multi-media personality, magician (and proud libertarian), Penn Jillette, to discuss a myriad topics that everyday Americans can relate to.

Following the defeat of Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, some believe the GOP needs to adopt policies that will bring the party closer to the left-wing of the political spectrum in order to expand its base. Others, meanwhile, believe that Republicans need to up the ante, with a greater embrace of limited government, fiscally reserved principles.

Beck believes there is a vast contingent of Americans who believe in small government, the Constitution, libertarianism. Of course hot-button issues including same-sex marriage, legalization of drugs and other social issues abound, but the outspoken media figure believes that the future of conservatism depends on Americans uniting on common ideas of freedom and liberty as prescribed by the Founders in the Constitution.

With a debate partner who is as outspoken as Beck and with strong and well-informed views on personal freedom, the Constitution, faith and the government's role in society,  the discussion was dynamic as it was informative. Jillette proves that he is more than just an entertainer and provocateur, but a knowledgeable and thoughtful student of politics, history and yes -- even as an Atheist -- faith.

The fascinating discussions are featured below. The first focuses on deism, Atheism and how people's beliefs changed following the Theory of Evolution. Are spiritual belief systems compatible with true freedom? :

Beck and Jillette also discuss Occupy Wall Street, with Jillette placing them on the pathway to favoring authoritarianism:

The two savvy politicos also dissected same-sex marriage as it relates to the constitution:

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