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Sting Operation Catches TSA Screener Stealing iPads at New York Airport


Passengers place their belongings in bins before passing through the passenger security checkpoint at John F. Kennedy International Airport. (Photo: Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

A TSA screener working at John F. Kennedy Airport has been arrested for stealing iPads and other electronics from passengers, as found through a recent sting operation.

Believe it or not, this is also not the first time a TSA officer has gotten busted in a sting operation -- and for iPad theft no less.

NBC New York reported that Sean Henry from Brooklyn was caught when he took items from decoy bags in the operation organized by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in cooperation with the TSA.

Steven Coleman with the port authority said Henry, who worked for TSA for 10 years, was caught leaving work with two iPads, among other devices, in his backpack. Other suspected stolen items were found in his home as well.

Henry has been charged with grand larceny and official misconduct, according to NBC.

TSA spokesman Nico Melendez told TheBlaze in an email that it is working with the port authority following Henry's arrest.

"TSA holds its employees to the highest ethical standards and  has zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace," Melendez said.


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