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You'll Never Guess How Many 'Blunts' Snoop Dogg Smokes in a Week

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR PACSUN - Snoop Dogg backstage at PacSun's "Common Threads" event held at Lot 613 Saturday, December 1, 2012. Credit: Invision for PacSun

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 07: Actor/musician Snoop Dogg attends 'Reincarnated' premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at TIFF Bell Lightbox on September 7, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. (Credit: Getty Images)

Snoop Dogg, now known as "Snoop Lion," has been known to partake in a bit of recreational marijuana use. However, the amount of weed that Snoop actually smokes on a daily basis may shock you.

During an AMA chat on Reddit with fans about marijuana, the rapper revealed that he smokes about 81 blunts a day every day of the week. That is a grand total of 567 blunts per week! It is unclear whether Snoop was exaggerating or attempting to be humorous, however, he has not withdrawn or clarified on his estimate.

He also said actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson can "smoke uhearme." Snoop went on to say that Dave Chappell is a better weed smoker than Dr. Dre.

The Huffington Post provides a recap of his chat on Reddit:

StongBad: What's the longest you've gone without smoking?

164 days

shagadelik: Do you roll your own blunts or are they rolled for you?


avenx: What was it like working with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Starsky & Hutch?

Those cats can smoke uhearme

Shalom86: Who's better at smoking weed, Dave Chapelle or Dr. Dre?

Dave chappelle!

martzzz: Are you always high before concerts/recordings?


March1989: I've heard that you've said Willie Nelson is the only person who has outsmoked you. Is this true?

Willie is 1 of tha greatest to do it!! Smokn n music

spookyjack123: Do you believe in the taxation of Mary Jane with legalization, or would you prefer to see it have little to no taxes ?

Legalize it n if that means tax it then do it

On average, how much do you smoke in a week?

81 blunts a day x 7

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