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Hypocrisy? Jon Stewart Confronts Gov. Chris Christie for Accepting Disaster Funds -- But Vetoing His State Health Care Exchange


On Thursday evening, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared on "The Daily Show," where he and host Jon Stewart discussed and debated a plethora of issues. From chatting about their mutual love for singer Bruce Springsteen to accusations that the Republican leader is being hypocritical in his efforts to lobby for additional federal funds, the discussion was diverse. provides a recap of some of the more noteworthy discussion surrounding the political nature of the dialogue:

...the interview turned political quickly with the unapologetically liberal Stewart implying that Christie was hypocritical for lobbying for federal funding for Sandy recover and rebuilding on the same day he vetoed the health exchanges, a major tenant of the Affordable Care Act.

"People have different skill sets at different times," Christie said, adding he and Obama didn’t discuss the health care law when they met in the Oval office earlier in the day.

"I think he understands there’s all different kinds of issues. You’ll agree on some, disagree on others."

In the first few minutes of the interview, though, the men found common ground. After discussing New Jersey and their joint hope that the state rebounds following Hurricane Sandy, Christie described meeting and hugging Springsteen. Watch part one, below:

In the second part of the interview, Stewart confronted Christie about the Republican Party's view on health care and the governor's recent veto of exchanges in New Jersey.

Watch part two of the interview, below:

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