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Is the Gov't Preparing for Zombie Apocalypse? Your Tax Dollars Helped Pay for Zombie-Killing Exercise


The Department of Homeland Security recently paid for a simulated zombie apocalypse as part of a counter-terrorism summit attended by law enforcement from across the United States.

No, DHS -- headed by Janet Napolitano -- is not secretly concerned that the undead will soon overrun the human population, the agency said it wanted to make a serious counter-terrorism training exercise more fun. ABC News made the revelation Friday as part of a report on the wasteful spending of DHS.

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) told ABC News that DHS also spent $30,000 on an underwater robot for Columbus, Ohio, $240,000 for a armored personnel carrier to protect New Hampshire's annual pumpkin festival and $69,000 for a hovercraft in Indianapolis.

During a time when America is struggling to get its financial house in any kind of order, it seems the agency is making little effort to tighten its belt during tough economic times. DHS certainly requires an adequate amount of funding to perform its vital duties, but $240,000 for a personnel carrier to guard pumpkins?

(H/T: Daily Beast)

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