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The Amazing Sleight-of-Hand Video That Will Have You Rewinding and Watching Again


Meet Yann Frisch. He's the type of guy who could rob Peter to pay Paul even if the person's name was Peter Paul. In other words, hide all your valuables when you get around him. Why? Because he's one of the best sleight-of-hand magicians we've seen. In fact, we are quite confident you'll be rewinding the video below that shows his take on the classic "cups and ball" trick:

Gawker has more on him and his trick:

Except Frisch's take on the timeless act, described by the magician himself as "absurdist," is like nothing you've seen before (unless you've seen this before, in which case, watch it again).

Frisch recently unveiled the latest iteration of "Baltass" at the 2012 Beijing International Magic Convention, and easily took home the title of Champion du Monde.

After you watch the routine you'll know why, but you won't know how.

So how many times did you rewind it?

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