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Move Back to Europe': Pro-Palestine Protesters Say Jews Must Leave 'Occupied' Israel


U.S. politicians are partners in the "cruelty of the Israelites"

(Photo: YouTube)

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protests are cropping up all over the world, and spectators might be surprised by the opinions voiced at such rallies.

One such protest took place near Vanderbilt University over the weekend, according to RedAlertPolitics, and more than 100 people attended.  YouTube user RepublicanESQ uploaded a total of 18 videos from the event, in which the attendees are recorded saying some pretty shocking things.

In one of the videos, a man in a collared shirt evenly says that U.S. politicians are partners in the "cruelty of the Israelites," and that "every square foot" of Israel belongs to Palestine.  This includes Jersualem, Tel Aviv, everything, he reiterates.

Here is the clip:

Not only that, he soon added in a "message" to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Jews should "move back" to Europe, where millions were killed during the Holocaust:

In another clip, the videographer speaks with a number of agitated girls, one of whom clearly says that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

It should be noted that the beginning of the clip has been cut, however:

In still another video, a man wearing a keffiyeh is seen raising his voice at the cameraman. When the cameraman notes that they are on a public sidewalk in front of Vanderbilt University, the protester responds: "We don't know you.  We don't know where you come from."

"Are you Mossad?" the keffiyeh-wearing gentleman probes.  "Are you Homeland Security?  Who are you?"

In yet another clip, a protesting woman is seen with a child holding a sign reading "Holocaust 2012."

When the videographer asks what the sign means, the woman says the conflict with Gaza is "almost the same" as the Holocaust:

(H/T: Red Alert Politics)

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