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He Has a Huge Body, He Eats Like a Pig': Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Explains the Average American During Amusing Interview


"They are not cowboys, they are cows!"

(Photo: Al-Nas TV via MEMRI)

The Middle East Media Research Institute published an interview over the weekend with a man named  Mahmoud Khalil, a leading member of Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party (the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood).

In it, Khalil explains to the interviewer who, exactly, the average American is.  In his opinion, Americans are closer to "cows" than "cowboys" because of the obesity epidemic, and they are more concerned with indulging their self-serving lifestyle than preserving their future.

"America will disintegrate. This is inevitable," he tells the interviewer, after an overview of our national debt.

And whose fault is America's collapse?  According to Khalil, the Jews "brought their thieving nature" to America, and are able to profit off of any disaster.

"Throw a Jew into the sea, and he will emerge with a fish in his mouth," he says.

The interview originally aired in September, but is gaining more traction as Egyptians vote on their new constitution, and the world looks even deeper into the beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Watch the absurd interview, via MEMRI, below:

(H/T: WeaselZippers)



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