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Wilkow!': The End of the Moderate Democrat


The GOP has had a well documented competition for ideological direction over the past four years with different factions seeking to lead the party forward as either libertarian, representative of the Tea Party, compassionate conservative, or attempting to hold their ground as part of the "establishment." While debate of ideas has caught the attention of the media, where is the spotlight on the end of the moderate Democrat in the age of Obama? Bill Clinton's "Third Way" Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) dissolved in 2011, and the moderate Blue Dog Coalition of Democrats in Congress went from 54 to 24 in 2010, and 24 to 15 in 2012. Is there any room for challenging Barack Obama in today's Democratic Party?

Andrew Wilkow discussed the status of the moderate Democrat in Washington D.C. during his show on TheBlaze TV Monday with former Democratic Congressman from Alabama, now a Republican, Artur Davis; and outgoing Blue Dog Democrat from Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire:

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