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Farrakhan Claims CT Shooting Massacre Could Be a Lesson From God: 'Chickens Coming Home to Roost

The Minister Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: NOI/YouTube)

On Friday, just one week after unimaginable tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School, Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan released a statement commenting about the horror that befall 20 small children and six adults (in addition to the shooter and his mother). But rather than maintaining a somber and non-political tone, the fiery faith leader used the violent incident to make a political statement, noting that the event may be a God-inspired lesson to America.

Farrakhan's commentary begins by highlighting how "terrible" the situation is, as the Nation of Islam leader claims that "every life has a purpose" and that innocence was lost last week -- all statements that most Americans would agree with. However, he quickly departs from this inclusive tone, asking "what 'lesson'" should be learned in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Minister Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: AP)

That's when he delves full-throttle into a political analysis, while quoting scripture to essentially claim that the U.S. has brought this horror upon itself. In the statement, Farrakhan connects the deaths as a result of military drone action in the Middle East and Africa to Adam Lanza's murderous killings in Connecticut. Additionally, he essentially questions whether this latest event -- one that the nation is still struggling to process -- is God's revenge upon America.

Taking a page from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (the two are friends) he notes that Sandy Hook may be an incident that showcases "chickens coming home to roost." Read this portion of his shocking statement, below:

And hopefully, the president of the United States, sending drones into Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and other places, killing men, women and children—and the word says “collateral damage,” and we go on killing… Could it be that these precious lives lost, and the pain that it has caused every one of us who shares the pain of those parents, and those loved ones who lost those precious children and the lives of the teachers who taught them…

Could it be that God wants us to see that until you can feel the pain and suffering of others that has been inflicted upon them on the basis of a lie, and America’s reach for the resources of that area of the world? Then maybe you will understand that this may be “chickens coming home to roost.” “For as thou hast done”—the Book says: “So shall it be done unto you.”

Read the statement in its entirety here.

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