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Alleged Occupy Activist & Pregnant Girlfriend Busted in NYC With Weapons & a Bomb, Sources Say



Morgan Gliedman (Photo Credit: Facebook)

An alleged Occupy Wall Street activist and his pregnant girlfriend were purportedly caught with a stash of weapons in their Greenwich Village apartment.

Aaron Greene, 31, and his nine-months pregnant girlfriend, Morgan Gliedman, 27, were apparently found to have these elements in addition to bomb-making instructions, a stack of papers with a cover sheet entitled, "The Terrorist Encyclopedia," and other weapons according to sources speaking with The New York Post.

Some of Greene's associates have purportedly called his views "extreme." Police made the discoveries and subsequent arrests when they went to the couple's home over the weekend to look for Gliedman who is wanted for purported credit-card theft. The Post has more about the bizarre alleged findings:

A detective discovered a plastic container with seven grams of a white chemical powder called HMTD, which is so powerful, cops evacuated several nearby buildings.

Police also found a flare launcher, which is a commercial replica of a grenade launcher; a modified 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun; ammo; and nine high-capacity rifle magazines, the sources said.

Cops also allegedly uncovered papers about creating homemade booby traps, improvised submachine guns, and various handwritten notebooks containing chemical formulas.

According to the Associated Press, Gliedman is awaiting her court appearance; Greene was held without bail after a court appearance on Sunday. Both were charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Rather than coming from underprivileged backgrounds, the Post claims that the two have had quite the opposite experience. Gliedman grew up in a prominent part of New York City and her father is a well-known doctor. And Greene attended Harvard University and did his graduate work at the school's Kennedy School of Government.

Despite these backgrounds, Greene allegedly had five prior run-ins with police and has been charged with assault and weapons possession in the past.

Update: Occupy Wall Street has responded to claims that Greene is a part of the movement. Earlier today, TheBlaze spoke with a representative who pointed to a press release that attempts to debunk his connection to Occupy. It reads, in part:

Since its beginnings in September 2011, Occupy Wall Street has vigorously used its Constitutional rights to protest Wall Street greed, and is firmly committed to non-violence. Nonetheless, Occupy has been subjected to extensive surveillance and repression, and the NYPD takes every opportunity to link OWS to crime.

There is nothing in the news stories to support a link between OWS and the individual arrested; his name is unfamiliar to many OWS activists. A very large number of people came through Zuccotti Park, and there are countless Occupy-related groups nationwide, so it is very difficult to ascertain if one person participated in anything related to OWS.

We urge members of the media to refrain from spreading rumors and misinformation.

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