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How did your rep vote on the 'fiscal cliff' deal?


Political scientist Larry Sabato analyzed the final vote tallies for last night's House vote on a fiscal cliff compromise and noticed some interesting trends.

In addition to a growing ideological divide between conservatives and establishment-types, there's a big regional divide within the Republican Party: 88% of Republicans representing southern constituencies voted no, while 86% of Republicans from the northeast voted yes. Or, put another way, "almost 9 of 10 South/Border Rs said no but outside South it was dead even split," Sabato tweeted this morning.

To see how your representative in the House voted, click here.

To see how your Senators voted, click here.

And in case you missed it, Mike Opelka posted a startling graphic which may explain why so many Republicans in the House bulked at the Senate compromise.  We have a real spending problem in America.  In addition to that graphic, consider this for some perspective on the so-called fiscal cliff deal:  The new $600 billion of tax revenues will almost -- but not quite -- pay for our current rate of spending on food stamps.


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