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After Much Anticipation, Glenn Beck Unveils 'American Dream Labs


"If you believe in not only thinking outside the box but in shattering the box all together, you've come to the right place."

Each day this week, Glenn Beck will lay out a new component of his plans for a venture that encompasses various areas of technology and innovation dubbed The American Dream Labs. Inspired by legendary American innovators, Beck said he plans to build a network that changes the face of new media in a transformative way.

“This is not just about the future of TheBlaze, not just the future of the entire TV industry," he stated.

On his Monday evening broadcast, Beck talked about his plans for the Dream Labs, which includes locations in Dallas, Salt Lake City and New Zealand, where the enterprise will explore projects on energy, education, high-tech, entertainment and even foster collaboration with Tesla On his Beck also provided viewers with insight into the future of TheBlaze itself, which is now slated to open satellites in three separate countries outside the U.S.

"If you believe in not only thinking outside the box but in shattering the box all together, you've come to the right place," he said.

"Believe it or not, revolutionizing how the news is delivered and how a network is run is the smallest of our many, many dreams... I do that knowing that some will mock, others will dismiss. But that’s OK. Every era of change has those who are resistant to it and those who like the comfort of the status quo or those who wish to spend their free time or their creative time mocking. It’s time to stop worrying about what others are doing and wonder why are we here.”

Beck said that the scope of what he plans to do with his new Labs is "enormous" and that he hoped his viewers would take a leap of faith and join him on the journey. With the support of his audience, according to Beck, the Dream Labs could change the fabric of "information, technology, entertainment, and more."

Each evening this week, Beck will focus on a different area of innovation that the American Dream Labs is slated to address. On Tuesday, he will tackle global news and information as well as “research and development" and the rest of the week will follow suit in kind.

Watch below for the first glimpse into the enterprise Beck has been speaking about since 2012 and stay tuned this week for more:


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