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Megyn Kelly wonders: What does 'aggressively gay' mean?


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In a segment today anticipating the proceedings of Chuck Hagel's confirmation as defense secretary, Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Chris Stirewalt attempted to define the phrase "aggressively gay."

Hagel drew ire from critics when comments he made in 1998 criticizing an ambassadorial candidate as "aggressively gay" resurfaced. Hagel has since apologized for the comments.

"What does it mean?!" Kelly said. "Everybody in the studio stops, wondering 'How do you get to [be] aggressively gay'?"

"I don't know!" Stirewalt responded. "I don't know, maybe-- I don't even want to speculate."

"Can you clarify? What was he saying?" Kelly asked.

"He was saying this person was a very 'out' -- I think would be the term -- gay person; that this was a person who had embraced their homosexual identity; that they were really out and gay. And this is how it works in Washington ... under a Democratic president. ... If you come out and say that you're sorry, it's enough."

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