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Like No Stampede You've Ever Seen: Thousands of Dolphins Rush Tourist Boat!


"Like a heard of wild horses."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Whale watchers were treated to a rare sight Sunday as a stampede of a thousand of dolphins raced with their boat.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

In the video footage taken of the event off the coast of Dana Point in California, the pleasure of those on the boat witnessing miles of water being turned up by the dolphins is apparent.

"Holy cow!" one boy exclaimed. To which we can't help but correct with "holy dolphin!"

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The passengers were on Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari. Here's more from the video description about the stampede, which it compared to being "like a heard of wild horses":

Ecstatic passengers aboard Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari were able to see the spectacular show from a unique perspective too: below the surface from the Eye to Eye Underwater Viewing Pods! In the two Underwater Viewing Pods passengers are able to BE one of the pod and feel what's it like to swim with wild dolphins without having to get wet.

Dana Point is in Southern California which has the greatest density of oceanic dolphins per square mile of anywhere in the world. This includes nearly 450,000 common dolphins like the ones in this video. Porpoising is their fastest mode of travel as there is less resistance in air than water. Dolphins are here throughout the year, sometimes in herds numbering upwards of 10,000.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the stunning video:

For those concerned about so many dolphins in the area and the impact the boat's prop could have on them, Capt. Dave said in a statement in the description of the video that the smart dolphins are aware of the moving prop and generally pass in front of the boat anyway in order to surf on the pressure created by its forward motion.



(H/T: io9)

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