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Seriously: Obama Supporters Attack Liberal MSNBC Host for Not Using 'President' in Every Single Reference to Obama


"Learn respect"

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "The Cycle," co-host Steve Kornacki discussed how he, and others in the media, have been targeted by the president's supporters for referring to President Barack Obama as "Obama" after the first reference. Being an Obama-supporting liberal, the MSNBC co-host was a little surprised by this.

Kornacki claims he was bombarded with "a lot" of angry tweets and emails from Obama supporters after he called Obama, well, "Obama," after first calling him President Barack Obama.

"...it is pres obama you dumb a**es, learn respect progressive bastards like u idiot don't speak for dems," one tweet read.

"That is a small taste of the torrent of tweets I got last week," Kornacki said.

Here are some of the tweets we found that were directed at Kornacki and his failure to use "president" (Warning: Some strong language):

"Rather than dismiss this nonsensical and embarrassing zealotry off hand, he engaged his detractors in a reasoned way," Mediaite's Noah Rothman writes.

The co-host explained how Peter Baker of the New York Times was also previously forced to defend himself from Obama supporters after he referred to the president as Obama on second reference. Responding to a Twitter user urging him to "shows respect!," Baker explained that it was NYT style to refer to presidents by their last name on second reference.

Co-host Touré found a way to inject race into the conversation, saying people feel "very defensive" because of the "nakedly racist" attacks on Obama. He admitted that the outrage over Obama's name was a little petty but insisted the hatred of Obama is real.

Agreeing with Touré, co-host Krystal Ball said Obama has been disrespected so much more than past president, so the outrage is somewhat understandable.

TheBlaze TV's S.E. Cupp was less understanding. She lamented the fact that President George W. Bush was "derided" and called some of the "worst names in the book." She also said "word policing is the lowest form of oratorical argument."

Let us know what you think in the comment section below after you watch the segment via MSNBC/Mediaite:

(H/T: Noah Rothman, Mediaite)

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