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Is the International Space Station Attracting UFOs? See the Videos


"...totally flummoxed by what they understandably and excusably can't comprehend."

Amateur cameras have long been claiming to spot UFOs. But what about more officially operated cameras like those owned by NASA?

Based on clips pulled out from footage taken by cameras on the International Space Station, unidentified objects of some sort seem to have been cropping up lately.

The YouTube user streetcap1 seems to be an avid watcher of transmissions from the ISS. Here are are a few of the videos streetcap1 believes shows UFOs near the ISS.

This footage from last month shows what streetcap1 believes is a UFO that then disappears after NASA "cut the transmission":

This one shows a silver spot near Earth as imaged from the ISS (Note: clearer footage begins at 0:45):

Here's another spot appearing above Earth:

The Huffington Post questions:

What, exactly, are we looking at here? Alien spacecraft dropping by for a visit with the ISS? Reflections from ISS windows? Meteors? Or various types of orbiting or fast moving spacecraft-generated debris?

It could very well be "spacecraft-generated 'dandruff'" former space engineer James Oberg, who consults for NBC News Space, said to the Huffington Post.

"It shouldn't be surprising that only half a century later, most folks watching YouTube videos are still totally flummoxed by what they understandably and excusably can't comprehend," Oberg continued in an email to the Huffington Post.

This video shows a compilation of "real footage from space" showing "real UFOs flying around and leaving earth" during these first couple weeks of 2013:

Even though Oberg wouldn't necessarily say any of the unidentified objects spotted near the ISS are of alien origins, he does advocate that people keep scanning space videos in the case that it identify possible anomalies like a malfunction that could then be properly reported and addressed.



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