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Wait Until You See What the Price of the Caveman's 'Assault Weapon' (aka a Rock) Has Skyrocketed to on eBay


"Money will be going to firearms related clubs, charities ect just not decided yet so it will be used for good." Update: Price jumps by $1k

(Photo: eBay)

On Friday, TheBlaze was the first to bring you the story of the caveman's "assault weapon" being sold on eBay. That "weapon" was a rock, and when we published our story it was currently at $20.51. Shortly after, it shot up to $100. So we decided to give it the weekend and check in Monday morning to see the price. Can you guess how much it shot up to?

The current price as of publication time is $3,050 $4,050 $5,100*:

The bid has increased so much that there's now a financing option.

But that's not all that's changed in the auction. As TheBlaze pointed out last week, a similar auction was removed by eBay. So the person behind the latest one has included a plea to the auction site not to remove the item:

ebay: please do not remove this listing as I have not violated any restrictions of items to sell, I can`t edit the ad because there are already bids on it so there is NO reason for you to take this ad. This is a rock intended for display purposes only and some of the proceeds are going to used for good causes so you will not only be taking away from me but from organizations that need our help thanks.


Jedibricks -- apparently the person behind the auction -- also now promises that the money will go to a good cause: "money will be going to firearms related clubs, charities ect just not decided yet so it will be used for good."

But wait, there's more.

The auction now has a hilarious question-and-answer section that is sure to make you smile. Here are some of the excerpts (click on the photo to enlarge it):

In case the questions are hard to see, here's the text:

Q: Does it have the stick option or could you advise me where I could find one?

A: Mounting a stick to it would make it a hammer

Q: Does the Geico Caveman carry this model?

A: No he carries a lizard in zombie green

Q: Is this teflon coated so it can defeat body armor?

A: Cavemen armor consisted only of a few leather hides.

Q: Do you think this will be effective against zombies?

A: I PROMISE you that if you are the winning bidder zombies will NEVER come when you have this

Q: are we sure that there are no open cases involving this rock. i would hate to purchase and then have the FBI, ATF, etc come by because there were unsolved cases of this being used in mass murders and such. who knows some nut may have hit a couple of dozen people with this thing before hitting himself.

A: I have not used this rock in any malicious manner, but due to its age I can not give an accurate or complete record of any misdeeds it may have mustered.

You can bid on the "assault weapon" here. We'll continue to update the price as the day goes on.

* ​Update:

The price has gone up again. We'll continue to update the post with the most recent price.

​Update II:

There are several other readers who have written to say there are other rocks for sale on eBay, too. Here are a few examples.

In fact, this person wrote in to say he had the original idea but his was taken down by eBay. You can see his postings here. That may be, but either way the one originally brought to our attention and that we've been following seems to be the one that's become the most popular.



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