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Should a High School Principal Be Facing Disciplinary Action Over a 'Disturbing' Terminator Spoof?


"I thought it was inappropriate. It sent wrong message."

(Photo: WCVB-TV)

The principal of Everett High School in Massachusetts faces disciplinary action but won't be fired for making a spoof of "The Terminator" and showing it to students.

Apparently a number of parents, students, and administrators found the imagery too violent in the wake of the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

i09 summarizes:

Erick Naumann had recently become principal of Everett High School, and he decided to introduce himself by making a funny video in which he walks the hallways of the school looking like the Terminator. "Was he sent to save us or destroy us?" the video asks. There are some images from Cameron's films, including a playground on fire. The video was played during school announcements, and most of the high school kids who saw it seem to have understood it was a joke and not really a threat that their principal was going to turn out to be have a metal endoskeleton and a penchant for time traveling in the nude.

But adults... not so much. The superintendent, Frederick Foresteire, told WCVB: "I thought it was inappropriate. It sent wrong message. Messages in that video were kind of disturbing. A woman terrorized in the hallway. They showed four empty classrooms. Where have the students gone?"

(Photo: WCVB-TV)

Naumann and his lawyer appeared at a closed school committee hearing Monday night, where Naumann apologized for the clip.

Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said after the meeting that the principal made a poor decision, but is a good leader and will not be fired.  Foresteire would, however, support a brief suspension or some other disciplinary action.

“Think before you act,” he admonished.

Foresteire will meet with other administrators Tuesday to decide what punishment Naumann should face.

But according to the Associated Press, while there were certainly complaints about the film, the majority of parents and students seem to understand that it was a joke.

"I don't think it's a big deal. I think he was kidding," one student said, according to WCVB-TV.  "He's a great principal. I think people are being a little too sensitive."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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