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The 'Obama Phone Lady' Is Back With Another Interview That Could Be the Year's Best


"FEMA is the one that help you if you say that your flood is in the basement."

Obama phone lady, Michelle Dowery, in the now-infamous, viral video from the 2012 presidential campaign. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Remember the "Obama phone lady"? She's the outspoken Obama supporter who was caught on video back in September ranting about how the president deserved a second term -- mainly because he had given her, among many others, a free phone. She became an instant classic.

Well, she's back. And not only is she back, she's back in one of the most incredible ways: in an interview with conspiracy-crazed radio host Alex Jones.

In a sit down with Jones this week, the woman (real name: Michelle Dowery) gave what can only be described as one of the (if not ​the​) most entertaining interview of the year (so far, anyway).

While the discussion spans more than an hour in length, one of the more fascinating and hilarious sections has been making its way across the Internet. In it, the "Obama phone lady" -- as she's come to be called -- tackles her views on police, the flu shot (she doesn't believe in it, as she contends that God will heal her if she falls ill), President Obama and plenty more. The two minute segment, alone, is worth watching.

In the clip, when asked who she'll choose for president in 2016, Dowery comically announced that she won't be supporting Obama. Obviously, the president is limited by the 22nd Amendment, which caps him at two terms. When Jones posed the question about who she'll support next election cycle, through laughter, the famed phone lady said, "It darn sure won't be Obama" (but she does still like Obama and made that clear during the exchange).

From there, the conversation turned to police control, as Dowery explained how restrictive authorities have become in her city. Her example? Walking around naked isn't permissible in Cleveland Heights:

"Where I live at -- and where I was at -- the police here's running it. I've seen it with my own eyes...I just moved from Cleveland Heights to Cleveland. Cleveland, you can walk outside butt-naked. You go to Cleveland Heights, they going to arrest you, say you raped someone, because you're butt-naked. The police is running it all."

Michelle Dowery talking with Alex Jones (Photo Credit: Prison Planet/YouTube)

As for her technological devices, Dowery has her suspicions about government monitoring and other such peeping policies. She told Jones that her father once warned her that there would be "devices on the TV that can look through you and see where you're at." She told the radio host that she believes this assessment was spot on, "because now they got them things they put on kids' leg and they look through the TV." It is unclear which leg device she was referring to. Jones, however, was quick to agree.

As could be expected, her Obama phone was a subject of conversation -- as was Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). When asked if she had heard of "FEMA camps," Dowery responded affirmatively.

"Yes I did. I used FEMA before," she said. "FEMA is the one that help you if you say that your flood is in the basement."

See this portion of the exchange:

The entire radio interview delves into other subjects, including the work that Dowery purportedly did for Obama's campaign. And if you want to know more about the now-infamous YouTube video that shows the "phone lady" in rare form, around 28:00, Dowery described the conditions and scenario that led to her rant.

Watch the entire interview, below:

To see Dowery's claim to fame -- the Sept. 2012 video during which she proclaimed, "Everybody in Cleveland, low minorities, got Obama phone. Keep Obama in president, you know. He gave us a phone, he gonna do more" -- click here.

(H/T: Fox Nation)



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