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Peggy Noonan sees a big ego in Jack Lew's signature


Donald Trump, who apparently dabbles in graphology on the weekends, thinks Jack Lew's signature is indicative of “a very, very secretive person.” The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan sees something different in the oddball John Hancock:

She writes on Lew, President Obama's pick for the next treasury secretary:

In general I think the bigger the ego the more indecipherable the signature. Modest people write their names, others give you swirls and squiggles you’re supposed to make out. The signer is so big he doesn’t have to be named, even by himself. ...

To me it’s a metaphor for the growth in the power and size of the federal government the past quarter century and, frankly, the more flamboyant egos—or, a nicer way to say it would be the bigger personalities—that populate it today.

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