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What's Wrong With These People?': MSNBC Hosts Slam NRA's New Ad


"They are sick in the head."



MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski on Wednesday reacted with outrage and disgust at the National Rifle Association's new ad, calling the organization "sick" and asking "what's wrong with these people?" over the video's reference of President Barack Obama's daughters.

The spot calls Obama a "hypocrite" and an "elitist" for sending his children to a school protected by armed guards while supporting "gun free zones" for others. It asks, "are the president’s kids more important than yours?"

"What's wrong with these people?" Scarborough asked on "Morning Joe." "You have children that had no say in the decision of whether their father is going to step forward to be president of the United States, to run for president, one of the most bone-crushing, sacrificing things any husband or wife can do to their family. And the second they make that decision, their children and their entire family have targets on their backs. And the NRA is putting something out -- what's wrong with these people?"

Co-host Brzezinski declared the NRA "out of step, out of the mainstream, totally out of sync with what's going on with our society.

"Quite frankly after seeing that I think some of the people who run that thing are sick," she said. "I really do, I think they are sick in the head. And I'm serious, I am embarrassed right now, I am embarrassed for our country that we have a section of society, the NRA -- which should have a voice, certainly trying to protect a constitutional amendment, I understand that, and there's a really legitimate debate -- but they just took it , they brought it down to the lowest, most base level,  it's now -- cringe. It's cringe."

Scarborough declared the NRA's leadership has "dragged them over the cliff" and said the organization's worst enemy "could not be doing more damage to this once-respected, mainstream organization as [CEO] Wayne LaPierre is every single day."

"You should be embarrassed to be part of the NRA at this point," Brzezinski said.

"This extremism is so frightening and just over, over the line," Scarborough added.

Watch the segment below, via MSNBC:

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