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NRA President: Obama Violating His Oath as President & Trying to Build an 'Imperial Presidency


"If his oath requires him to defend the Constitution as it exists, rather than as he might wish it had been written, then he's violating it."

NRA President David Keene appeared on the Jay Severin Show today on TheBlaze radio network to discuss the president's push for gun control, and immediately went for the jugular in describing President Obama's agenda.

"This really is, in terms of the Second Amendment, this is it. This is the battle that we've been concerned about. It's the war that we knew was coming, and it's the war we warned people about as we approached this last fall's election," Keene told Severin. "[Obama's] been an anti-Second Amendment activist as a private citizen, as a state legislator, as a United States Senator, and then tried to cloak it all during his campaigns because he was afraid of the backlash from those who are strong second amendment supporters. Now that he's elected - reelected - and he doesn't have to face the voters again, he's indicated a willingness to do what he's always wanted to do, which is to gut the Second Amendment."

"Do you have any doubt that President Obama's and his political base's goal is to at least severely diminish and, more likely, effectively abolish Second Amendment rights?" Severin asked.

"I don't think there's any question about that. You know, in the past, he has said, both publicly and privately, that he doesn't believe any American has a right as a private citizen to own any kind of a firearm," Keene replied. "He's voted for, at lower levels, legislation that would've abolished anything except a single-fire shotgun rifle. He's said that handguns should not be manufactured, sold, traded or owned or possessed in the United States. This is not a fellow who's interested in nipping at the fringes of the Second Amendment. This is a fellow who, if he has his druthers, would drive a stake right into the heart of the right to private ownership of firearms in this country, and of the second amendment to our Constitution."

Severin followed up, "As President of the NRA, in your opinion, is this President honoring his oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution?"

Keene didn't even miss a beat. "No, he's not, because he claims, as you saw yesterday, that he believes in the second amendment. He said that during the campaign. That's bunkum. The fact of the matter is he's never believed in the second amendment as it's been interpreted, or as it was written, and if his oath requires him to defend the Constitution as it exists, rather than as he might wish it had been written, then he's violating it."

Severin followed up on this forceful attack by Keene by asking if articles of impeachment should be brought against Obama for his issuance of Executive Orders regarding guns. Keene demurred, saying he wasn't sure Congress would have to go that far, but did lambaste Obama for constantly trying to circumvent Congress, and for wanting to rule the United States as though it were China.

"This is a President who is trying to build the Imperial presidency that liberals have always claimed Republicans and conservatives would like to build. He's doing it. He's going around the Congress," Keene said.

You can listen to the most relevant chunk of Keene's interview with Severin below:

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