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Dramatic Dash Cam Vid. Shows Toddler Narrowly Escaping Death Twice in One Accident!

(Image: WGN TV screenshot)

An SUV on an icy road fishtailed into a semi, crushing the back of the vehicle and sending a toddler flying onto the road into oncoming traffic. The toddler was then nearly run over by another truck before the parents could collect the child.

WGN TV out of Chicago reported that the footage taken by a dash cam showing the 2-year-old girl narrowly escaping death twice occurred in Moscow on Sunday.

The SUV swerves into the semi, crushing its rear and back window. (Image: WGN TV screenshot)

Many articles were thrown from the car, including the child. (Image: WGN TV screenshot)

Parents pick up the child. (Image: WGN TV screenshot)

Watch the footage:

According to WGN, the girl was treated for cuts and bruises at the hospital.



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