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Media critic Howard Kurtz wonders why Monica Lewinsky's handbag business never took off


The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz has a column today questioning whether Paula Broadwell, the biographer who had an affair with Gen. David Petraeus, will try to make a comeback. It spirals into a commentary on the supposed sexism of sex scandals:

Women always have a harder time moving on from these matters, as if they are solely to blame.

To take but one example, Bill Clinton is now a global statesman, and Monica Lewinsky was never able to find a career.

Good question. Why wasn't Lewinsky able to find a career? Why didn't her 2001 line of handbags "Just For You, by Monica" take off? (Speaking of which, I bought you something...) Why wasn't her stint as a reality TV game show host in 2003 a hit?

Sexism. Ya pig.

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