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Apparently, This Logo Is Sexist


"I thought immediately that it set us back, all the work that we've done."

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Enterprise Florida, the group responsible for Florida’s economic development, unveiled a logo on Thursday that some are calling “sexist.”

But before we go any further, can you spot the alleged sexism?


Yup, it’s the orange tie. You see, because the logo uses an orange tie in place of the "i," and most businesswomen don’t wear ties, the logo is supposedly discriminatory.

"I thought immediately that it set us back, all the work that we've done. It's not that they have to make it pink or 'girlie,' but maybe put a briefcase or something like an iPhone or smart phone in there to represent business," Pamela Rogan, the President of the Central Florida Chapter of NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners, tells Fox 35.

"There are a lot of other icons I think can better represent business," she adds.

Rogan said Enterprise Florida's new logo may discourage female CEOs from moving to Florida.

"When you're going to a strange place, and you think that's the stigma that's there, you may think twice," she said.

Enterprise defends its logo.

"We feel confident in the brand, as a clear and effective message to both businesses in the state and worldwide, that Florida is a top destination for business," said Enterprise Florida Public Relations Manager Sean Helton.

Still, Rogan maintains that the tie featured in the logo conveys a certain degrees of sexism.

"It's not even one of those ties they had back in the day, because that was the thing.  It's a bold tie. And nothing against men, but I think they could have had something a little more generic that represented business,” said Rogan.

But here’s something: Before unveiling the new logo, Helton says Enterprise Florida showed it to about 25 female CEOs and none of them saw anything wrong with it.

He also says that he “has no intention of changing it,” as Fox 35 puts it.

But what do you think?

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Featured image courtesy Enterprise Florida.

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