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Meet 'Rex': The World's First Bionic Man With Artificial Organs That Only Costs $1M


"...explosion of innovation"

What is being called the the "world’s first complete Bionic Man" has been unveiled ahead of its display at  London’s Science Museum on Feb. 7.

Rex, short for “Robotic Exoskeleton" according to Device Magazine, stands at 6.5 feet tall and has technology that allows him to hear, speak and move. He even has artificial organs and synthetic blood. To make at least his face look more realistic, he has glass eyes and is covered in artificial skin.

NBC News has more on how and why Rex came to be:

Rex’s head is modeled after Swiss psychologist Bertolt Meyer who uses a bionic hand. Meyer presents a documentary, “How to Build a Bionic Man,” scheduled to air Thursday on the United Kingdom’s Channel 4.

“I’ve looked around for new bionic technologies, out of personal interest, for a very long time and … until five to six years ago nothing much was happening. Then suddenly we get this explosion of innovation,” he told reporters at a news briefing today at London's Science Museum.

Watch Meyer talk about the bionic man in this footage:

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