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Once You See the Video of a Skateboarder Setting Off a Speed Camera at 68 MPH You'll Realize Why Cops Are Looking for Him


"... want him arrested."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

It's not just the video showing South African skateboarder Decio Lourenco speeding downhill in and out of traffic on a busy road that has him in hot water with authorities. He apparently set off a speed camera in a 60 kilometers per hour zone (about 37 miles per hour) going 110 km/h (68 mph).

Lourenco could face arrest.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"We have handed over the matter to traffic officials and want him arrested," JP Smith, a Cape Town safety and security official, told Reuters.

"The speed limit is irrelevant. He is seen careering down the road in a reckless and dangerous manner."

The road Lourenco was zipping down is called Kloof Nek and is sometimes closed and used for extreme skateboarding events. The law in the city, according to Reuters, does not otherwise allow skateboarding on the road.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here's what the National Skate Collective, a nonprofit in South Africa that serves support skaters and skateboarding initiatives, said on Facebook "the city is trying to shut us down. They want to arrest one of our own, Decio!"

"What do you think we should do? Mass action? More meetings?" the post continued.

Watch Lourenco's dangerous "Spoofing the Traffic Camera -- Longboard Without Limits" stunt, which has garnered more than 500,000 views since being posted on YouTube Jan. 26:

The video bears the description that the skater is "a highly trained professional" and that the group "insists that no-one [attempt] to perform this stunt."

(H/T: Grind TV)

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