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Let's hear your best State of the Union drinking game ideas

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One of the most common topics that comes up during our live chats is, oddly enough, drinking. Whether President Obama is holding a press conference in the Rose Garden or delivering a State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress, it seems like people are always looking for some great key buzzwords to incorporate into their own (always responsible) games at home.

To that end, the Daily Caller has come up with a few clever ideas for tonight's festivities.  Here are a couple of the best:

  • Whenever Obama says “jobs,” pour eight percent of your drink down the drain.
  • Take a shot whenever Obama mentions the word “gun” or other Second Amendment-related terminology.
  • When Obama mentions “green energy,” swirl your drink in a windmill-like fashion and pour it down the drain.
  • When the president says “debt” or “deficit,” take one of your friend’s beers and promise to pay him back later.
  • If Obama says “Let me be clear,” take a shot of vodka or translucent alcohol of your choice.

Clever, right?  But I'm more interested in hearing your ideas.  Leave us a comment with how you'll be passing time during tonight's speech and be sure to click back at 8:30 p.m. ET to share your tips!

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