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Paul Krugman sometimes drinks enough wine to where it 'would not be a good idea to drive


It turns out New York Times columnist and liberal economist Paul Krugman likes to have himself a glass of vino now and again. And again. And again.

"I really do like wine," he said in a recent interview with Yahoo! Finance. "Sometimes I have enough where it probably would not be a good idea to drive." (Probably?! )

"But seriously drunk? Not really," Krugman added.

For a second, imagine a "seriously drunk" Krugman. It would probably looks like this...

That actually is a rosy-cheeked Krugman, as seen on his own NYT blog in 2009. Though he said that's beer he has in that glass. And the color on his flushed face was the result of "a day spent cycling."


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