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SNL Mocks 'Fox & Friends' With Interview of 'Crazy' Ted Nugent on Obama's State of the Union



"Saturday Night Live" trotted out its "Fox & Friends" parody to mock the co-hosts and rocker Ted Nugent. Once again portraying the Fox hosts as a foolish bunch, they ripped President Barack Obama's State of the Union and gave their take on the U.K.'s horsemeat scandal.

"Isn't this man supposed to be a great speaker?" co-host Gretchen Carlson, played by Vanessa Bayer, asked of Obama's speech. "Then how come only half the people there were clapping? This was a full-frontal assault on our values."

But what the president said during the speech wasn't nearly as bad as what he said when you played it backward -- "I am a Black Panther when this is over I'm going to smoke weed and do hip hop songs" -- until the hosts realized they'd been duped.

Next, they went to interview "great American" Ted Nugent, played by Bill Hader, who had been in the audience for the State of the Union and didn't much care for it.

"It was hard to sit still," Nugent admitted. "Partly because of what Obama was saying, partly because my goatee is full of ticks."

Nugent said Obama "wants gun control, but what we really need to do is take guns out of the hands of the crazy people."

"It’s not hard to tell who is crazy,” he said, eyes growing wide. “Just look at their eyes. The white part and the swirly part.”

Rounding out the segment was an interview with a U.K. food safety official to discuss the traces of horsemeat recently found in some fast food. The hosts asked whether consuming the meat could make you "run really fast" or "poop out glue."

“For the folks at home, honestly, the safest thing to do is just never, ever leave the United States,” said Steve Doocy, portrayed by Taran Killam.

“If you want to travel the world, just go to the International House of Pancakes,” offered Brian Kilmeade, played by Bobby Moynihan. “Don’t forget your passport,” he added, pulling out a pancake from his pocket.

Watch the full sketch below, via NBC:

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