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Student's Clever Response to Test Question Goes Viral


But not for all the reasons you might think...

(Reddit user JoeMamma45)

Sometimes stories go viral because they're interesting. Sometimes they go viral because they're controversial. This one is both.

Reddit user JoeMamma45 posted a clever test question response under the headline "My student thought the tests logic was off." Here it is:

(Reddit user JoeMamma45)

"A coin is flipped and then a die is rolled, what is the probability of rolling an odd and then flipping a tails," the question reads (with no question mark).

"0% because you flipped the coin first," the clever response says.

And while the response is getting a lot of attention, what makes it even more interesting is that the "teacher" posted it. Except as Reddit users quickly found out, that was a lie.

As the post started going viral, users such as cmrn started connecting some dots and quickly found that "Apparently he's the student not the teacher, which, given the handwriting and level of material in the post, makes those comments kinda inappropriate for his age."

And cmrn would be right -- and JoeMamma45 admitted it, saying he is a 12th grader who decided to answer the question and posted it under a misleading headline because he thought it would be funner.

Not surprisingly, he's being heavily scrutinized and learning that it's probably not the best idea to lie on the internet.

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