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Hannity Clashes With Dem. Congressman During Contentious Sequestration Debate: 'You Got to Grow Up


"Congressman, time to put the pants on, sit at the table and take responsibility."

(Fox News)

Despite a valiant effort, Fox News host Sean Hannity was unable to get Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) to admit that the United States government has a spending problem. During a discussion about the impending sequestration spending cuts on Monday, Meeks would only concede that the U.S. is still paying off former President George W. Bush's debt.

Bush has now been out of office for nearly five years.

"We borrow as a country, Congressman, 46 cents of every dollar you guys are spending in Washington," Hannity began. "Don’t you think there’s something immoral about stealing from those kids because they’re going to be the ones paying that back."

Meeks responded by saying, "when the Republicans were in control that's when we had all this debt." He also referenced the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as big causes for today's debt.

Comically, Hannity was actually able to complete Meek's sentence at one point.

"What we need to do is make sure that everybody in America--"

"Pays their fair share," Hannity interrupted.

"Has their fair share," Meeks continued.

"I can finish your sentence for you," the host quipped.

When Hannity later pressed Meeks about President Barack Obama racking up about $6 trillion in federal debt since taking office, the congressman would only blame the Bush administration. Bush accumulated about $4 trillion in federal debt in eight years, or two terms.

"Is there a spending problem?" Hannity pressed.

"We're still paying off the debt that George Bush created," Meeks repeated. "Today we have to pay back the debt of yesterday, and that's what we have to do."

Watch part of the segment via Fox News/WFB below:

Meeks finally admitted that America has a "debt problem" but would not say the country has a federal spending problem.

Hannity mentioned that Obama previously called the Bush administration's $4 trillion in debt "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic." He asked Meeks if Obama's $6 trillion plus federal debt is "irresponsible" or "unpatriotic."

"What he has to do is pay George Bush's debt," Meeks responded.

"Congressman, time to put the pants on, sit at the table and take responsibility. George Bush is out of office five years, you got to grow up," Hannity lectured.

Watch the full interview below:

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