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Oregon Couple Claims This Is UFO Footage of a Flying 'Metal Disc of Some Sort


"I myself find it hard to believe. But you got it see it."

On the same day a meteor created a window-breaking sonic boom in Russia, a couple in Oregon claim to have captured an object flying through the night sky. Only, they describe it as more unusual than your everyday shooting star or zooming fireball.

Heather Scherffius and Gregory Soldner of Grant Pass told KOBI 5 they don't believe in UFOs. The event they captured on video on Feb. 15 though leaves them with a lingering but.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"It looked like a metal disk of some sort. I'm not sure, but it was metal and the way it moved was wierd. I mean I don't believe in flying saucers but...," Soldner said to KOBI 5.

"I myself find it hard to believe. But you got it see it," Soldner added.

Watch the KOBI 5 report with footage submitted from the couple:

The pair described the object as being stationary for a few minutes and then moving up, down and in a zigzag pattern. They said it was in the sky for 20 to 30 minutes.

KOBI 5 reported that it added a filter to the video footage to improve the object's visibility. The station also contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, which said it would be conducting an investigation into the claims.

This wasn't the only celestial event reported to come around the same time as Russia's meteor news. Some speculated that slime found in a U.K. nature reserve came from a meteor they saw flying through their sky around the same date -- experts though link it to frog spawn.



(H/T: Huffington Post)

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