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Megyn Kelly Panel Debates Firearm Ban on Vietnam Vet: 'So Unfair To This Guy


"We’ll see if this craziness somehow gets remedied."

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U.S. Navy veteran Jefferson Wayne Schrader of Cleveland, Ga., has been permanently banned from buying or selling guns because of an altercation he got into 45 years ago, TheBlaze reported Tuesday.

“It’s a depressing thing. A depressing thing,” the 64-year-old Vietnam veteran told TheBlaze in a phone interview, “to have the government treat you like that. It’s not, well, it’s not a good thing.”

Since our initial report on Schrader’s five-year battle to have his name removed from the fed’s firearm ban list, his story has been making the rounds and even ended up on Fox News' “America Live with Megyn Kelly."

"This man is facing an uphill battle now that the D.C. circuit has ruled against him," said Kelly on Wednesday, referring to a recent fed appeals court ruling that upholds the lifetime ban. "It’s just so unfair to this guy.”

“He has never been in any serious trouble with the law except for a traffic violation. Other than that, this has been a law-abiding citizen,” she added. “We’ll see if this craziness somehow gets remedied."

Watch Kelly debate the merits of Schrader's case with Fox contributors Jonna Spilbor and Arthur Aidala:

Read TheBlaze’s original report here.


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