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FLOTUS reaches for the right via the Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal has, without a doubt, the most hostile opinion pages when it comes to President Obama. Nearly every editorial and column the paper publishes is negative on the Obama administration. A recent editorial mocked Obama calling him "President Armageddon."

Thus, it's a curious decision for the White House to choose the Journal as a platform for Michelle Obama to publish a column as part of her "Let's Move!" campaign.

From her piece:

American businesses are stepping up to invest in building a healthier future for our kids. In doing so, they are joining leaders from every sector across the country. Over the past few years, through Let's Move!—our nationwide campaign to help kids grow up healthy—we've seen teachers bringing physical education back into schools. We've seen mayors building safe spaces where children can play, faith leaders educating their congregations about healthy eating, and parents preparing healthier meals and snacks for their kids. And we've seen Republicans and Democrats working together in Congress to pass groundbreaking legislation to improve school lunches.

Of course, the first lady is far more popular among conservatives than her husband (though that's not saying much).

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