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The Cool First-Person Footage of a Mountain Biker Being Run Over by a...Deer


First there was the cyclist being run over by an antelope. Then there was the motorcyclist who had a deer jump right into his face. Of course a skateboarder-deer collision had to follow. And now -- you must get the idea where this is going -- a mountain biker, mid-race, was slammed into by one such renegade animal.

Jeff Plassman was pumping through the 2013 Monster Cross and Mountain Bike race Sunday in Virginia's Pocahontas State Park when a deer decided the gap between him and the rest of the pack was its opportune moment to leap.

Here...it...comes... (Image: YouTube screenshots)

Knocked off his bike, other cyclists give him a few shout-outs to see if he was alright and he gets quite a few looks. Plassman just picks up his bike and in a comment says he told fellow riders he was "fine."

Knocked over onto the side of the trail. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Plassman's helmet cam captured the whole ordeal:

According to WWBT, Plassman wrote that a few spokes on the bike's wheel broke and he was "busted up a little bit," but he noted that he has seen worse before.

Let this be yet another warning to those riding on two or four wheels.



(H/T: Grind TV)

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