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Terrifying Demon-Possessed Girl Appears in Beauty Salon, Sending Women Screaming and Running in This Hilarious Prank


"Oh my God. That thing just scared me -- the thing in the mirror, the scary thing."

Imagine getting your hair cut at a salon. As you're sitting in the chair, a ghostly image appears in the mirror in front of you. You scream, yet no one else seems to notice the frightening sight -- a pale young girl with blood on her face. This is exactly what unfolded when a number of women were having their hair and makeup done recently -- only, little did they know at the time, it was an elaborate setup.

The prank, which inevitably sent women screaming and running in fear, was put together in an effort to promote the new film, "The Last Exorcism 2."

Photo Credit: YouTube

To accomplish the goal of having the girl appear so cryptically, the salon's standard mirrors were replaced with two-way units, which an actress then sat behind, the Daily Mail reports. To create an even creepier vibe and an eerie aura, staffers played a horror film on a television in the room.

When the girl emerged in the mirror, customer reaction ranged from disbelief to overtly horrified. One woman was startled when she saw her, but assumed it was merely an image reflecting from the television. Another attempted to convince the staff that there really was a possessed young woman inside the glass.

Photo Credit: YouTube

"Oh my God. That thing just scared me -- the thing in the mirror, the scary thing," she said. "I know I'm not tripping."

Others jumped from their seats, screamed in fear and covered their faces. The reactions were quite comical.

But the prank didn't end there. After seemingly emerging inside of the mirror, the ghoulish girl next appeared inside of the salon. She crawled upside down and on all fours, her mouth gaping. Many of the customers inside instantaneously fled, shrieking in horror.

Watch the comical clip, below:

"The Last Exorcism 2" is set to open in theaters on March 1. If you want to see another ghost prank, you'll probably want to click here.

(H/T: Daily Mail)


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