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Woman Throws Table, Chairs Go Flying During Out-of-Control Fashion Show Brawl


"It's escalating! He has a sword and an axe!"

It was a fashion show and competition gone terribly wrong. After a contestant apparently didn't like a judge's decision, she threw a chair -- an action that sparked a brawl so unbelievable you have to see it to believe it.

The antics unfolded in Charlotte, N.C., where a local group rented space for an event purportedly called the "NC Awards Ball." Charlene Henderson, the woman who owns the location where the incident occurred, told WBTV-TV that she was in disbelief over what unfolded.

"I'm still baffled. My people that were here are just still dumbfounded on how it turned out really," she told the outlet, as an orderly and peaceful event quickly turned violent.

Chairs went flying during the brawl (Photo Credit: YouTube)

A YouTube clip that was uploaded on Sunday shows the brawl that inevitably unfold. In the video, people are seen throwing tables and chairs at one another. One man seems to have a blunt object and another has a taser. One word easily describes the scene: Chaos.

"Let's take it outside. Take it outside," a man can be heard saying on the mic, but to no avail. Furor continues.

One woman picked up an entire table and miraculously threw it across the room -- all while seemingly holding onto her handbag. A group of men responded by tossing chairs at her, but she appeared unshaken.

Photo Credit: YouTube

A frantic 911 call provides even more bizarre details, as a man seeking emergency assistance purportedly told authorities, "It's escalating! He has a sword and an axe!"

Police are apparently having a tough time getting anyone to comment about what unfolded, so the video is serving as prime evidence in solving the case. As of Thursday, no charges had been filed.

See the bizarre clip, below:

According to WBTV-TV, Henderson now worries about how her venue will be perceived. However, she defends the event promoter, claiming that he did everything he was supposed to do and that adequate security was on hand.


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