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It's Hard to Imagine What Happens Next


" ... the player has been suspended for the team’s next conference three-game series."

Baseball is a lot of things: Exciting, strategic, historic, suspenseful.

It is not, however, a contact sport. Well, it isn’t unless your name is Pete Rose or you happen to be pitching for a Division III college baseball team that's down 6-2:

The hit happened during a Sunday game between Hendrix College (Conway, Ark.) and Berry College (Mount Berry, Ga.), according to the video’s description.

Larry Brown Sports describes the scene:

The YouTube uploader, whose user name is “HendrixBaseballFan,” says the Berry College pitcher threw at batter Matt Simmons, who had called timeout just before the pitch was delivered. The next pitch was in the dirt, and Hendrix’s runner at third tried to score. We say “tried” to score, because nobody could have predicted what happened next.

As junior center fielder Collin Radack was attempting to score, he was leveled by Berry’s pitcher. You can’t even try to argue the contact was accidental, because the video shows the pitcher locating the runner and running straight at him.

As mentioned in the above, Berry was down by four runs when the pitcher, Levi Austin, took down Hendrix’s Collin Radack. So who knows? Maybe the dirty hit was a bit of frustration coming out.

Amazingly enough, and despite Radack being awarded the run (even though he ​clearly ​didn't touch home plate), Berry managed to rally and take the game 9-7.

Oh, also, you better believe Austin was disciplined for his "unorthodox" tactics: “The school’s athletic director informs Larry Brown Sports that the player has been suspended for the team’s next conference three-game series.”

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(H/T: Deadspin). Featured image screen grab.

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