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Brian Williams has 'profound disappointments' in U.S.


NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams said on Alec Baldwin's New York radio program yesterday that he has "profound disappointments" in the United States.

"I have the same disappointments in my patriotism," he said. "As a great man once said, I yield to no one. I love this country. I love the American idea. I have profound disappointments in my country. I feel we ought to be in space ... because it meant so much to us ... technologically. It moved us along."

Williams' remarks come just after... conservative radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (who owns TheBlaze) both said they're "ashamed" of the U.S.

"For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country," Limbaugh said during a commentary on President Obama's handling of automatic federal spending cuts known as sequestration.

Beck's own "ashamed" moment came after Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Connecticut calling for new gun regulation.

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