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New Mexico Puppy Found Shot With Crossbow...and Survives


"...he was traumatized by the incident."

(Image: LPCHS via CBS 4)

A puppy in Durango, Colo., is recovering at the local humane society after it was shot by a crossbow. And although vets expect the 3-month-old will be fine as it continues to grow, they've made the incident a part of the pup's life forever by naming it "Bow."

(Photo: LPCHS via CBS 4)

According to CBS Local-Denver (KCNC-TV), the Jack Russell/Shepherd mix was shot and brought to the animal shelter in Farmington, New Mexico, where the arrow was also removed. CBS also reported that police have not found any information as to how the puppy was shot in the first place, but they are still investigating the case.

(Photo: LPCHS)

Watch KCNC-TV's report:

Here's more on what the La Plata County Humane Society wrote on its website about Bow:

Someone had called the local Animal Protection Office to report about a puppy that looked injured. Bow eventually made his way to the Farmington Animal Shelter where they surgically removed the crossbow bolt. He was put into a foster home to rehabilitate his leg and to socialize him since he was traumatized by the incident.

“Once I heard about Bow I knew it’d be an easy adoption and we also want to help out the Farmington Shelter as much as we can since they’re always full” Chris Nelson, the director of animal services at LPCHS, said in a statement.

(Photo: LPCHS)

And find a home he did. The Denver Post reported that Bow had been adopted by a family Friday.



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